We are a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 boys, and have been getting a fortnightly box of organic vegetables from The Organic Connection for the past 6 years. Partly for health reasons, partly for ecological reasons, we made a conscious choice to buy organic vegetables, both as a way to look after and optimise our family’s long term health and also to support the growers who are protecting the earth and conserving ancient ways of doing things.

We love getting our box – we get heaps in it and it makes us eat seasonally and more widely than we probably would normally. There is often the mystery vegetable or fruit that i have to think “what do I do with that?” Helpfully Lorraine provides recipes that are easy and yummy (and now I know what to do with things like Daikon and Chokos).
We find we have very little wastage and manage to incorporate everything we get into our diet.

It also makes the supermarket trip so much quicker, not having to stop, bag and weigh veges, and although buying organic is a little more expensive, we think The Organic Connection box is a really economical way to buy organic and worth it for the above reasons.

Lorraine is always very helpful, friendly and efficient and we would (and do) recommend The Organic Connection to anyone.

Natasha & Jack
Hutt Valley