It is no small thing to have maintained the  unparalleled quality of the Organic Connection’s service for so many years, and that fact stands as testimony to the enduring passion and professionalism of Lorraine Upham. We have been Lorraine’s customers for many years, following on from long-standing participation in the fondly missed Organic Co-op. Now that interest in organics has become trenchantly mainstream, it gives us great pleasure to continue to support one of Wellington’s original providers of wonderful organic fruit and vegetables.

Were it not the case, however, that the Organic Connection remains the most exceptional of organic purveyors, we might have explored other options – even if just for novelty’s sake! But year in year out, the Organic Connection remains the best of the best. There is still nothing quite like opening one of their boxes, and looking forward to all the wonderful meals we will soon enjoy. Simply put, the Organic Connection has always been the gold standard, and so it remains.