Newsletter 97 – November 2011

Hi everyone 24/11/2011

Hard to believe 2011 is nearly over and it has been a great one. Have ticked off lots of bucket list adventures – I hope you have too. The Organic Connection customer list continues to grow and I really appreciate all our loyal clients. While we endeavour to provide a good service, it is always great to get feedback and suggestions.

Items in this edition include holiday delivery dates, a healthy party snack platter, my usual rant about protein intake and health programme, plus a bit about the bees.

Christmas and New Year delivery dates

We are offering deliveries on Thursday 28th December, Thursday 4th January and deliveries return to normal week starting 9th January 2012.
Thanks to all who have advised their holiday plans. Everyone else please let me know if you need deliveries on the above dates or if you wish to cancel any deliveries.

Vegetable Platter

This makes a great change from carbohydrate loaded conveyances to carry dip to ones mouth (i.e. bread, chippies, crackers).
Slice raw celery, slice raw carrot, trim broccoli into florets which can be used either blanched or raw, and cauliflower florets are best blanched. Arrange in groups.
These make a colourful and tasty platter served with a creamy dip.

Bees in New Zealand need our help

Like many people I have been thinking about the part bees play in the food chain. I mentioned in my last newsletter that I had met a lady called Maureen Maxwell who is doing great things internationally and locally to ensure the bees of the world survive and prosper.

So what can we as individuals do??
Establish a bee friendly plot in the garden. Maureen has available as a fund raiser for Help NZ Bees, a $5 packet of seeds called “Wild Flower Seed Rescue Remedy”. These are available on line at
I have my packet and thanks to everyone who has already ordered seeds. In fact what a great item to include with Christmas cards to special people.

Vegetarian Protein Powder

Humans need 1 gram of protein daily for each kilo of body weight. In all the questionnaires I have seen, it is rare to find someone who actually gets this amount daily. Vegetarians in particular need to be creative to ensure adequate protein intake and this new protein powder made from soy, wheat, and pea is perfect for the job.

Health Programme

Is anyone else wondering how the swimming togs will look this summer. I am hard out to lose a pesky 5 kg, 2 ½ gone, 2 ½ to go. The programme has the side effect of being great for health and energy. Anyone want to join me?

All for now,
regards Lorraine