Newsletter 94 – August 2011






16th August 2011

Hi everyone,

For the past nine years I have arranged my life around getting the vege box orders done on time and giving the best customer service possible.

Last weekend I went on a major “bucket list” adventure- an over night dog sled trip over wild mountain trails at the Snow Farm (near Cardrona)

I was booked to fly home Monday in time to do the orders Monday and Tuesday night. Due to the major storm happening all over the country I am still here and now booked to travel home Wednesday night.

This will depend on the Lindis Pass road being open and Christchurch airport being open, so when mother nature rules who knows.After talking with the suppliers it seems that normal deliveries will be suspended this week, anyway due to harvesting and transport difficulties caused of course by the storm.

The purpose of this newsletter (which is being sent by my wonderful neighbour Wendy) is to advise that there will be no deliveries this week. My apologies for the inconvenience this will cause you all. I feel very bad for my part in this delivery failure-next time I go away I will take all necessary documents and technology with me.

All for now

Regards Lorraine