Newsletter 91 – January 2011

Hi everyone 14/01/2011

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I had the pleasure of hosting a young Serbian lady called Kristina who was visiting N.Z. on her way home from a working holiday in Australia. We met on a train between Brisbane and Mooloolaba last year. Miss Molly and I holidayed at home this year, got lots of jobs done around home in a leisurely fashion and enjoyed the great weather.

This edition features onions, and gem squash

I would like to thank everyone for supporting The Organic Connection during 2010. Special thanks for referralls, feedback especially when something has gone awry, and supplying favourite recipes. Also thank you to the generous people who contributed to vegeboxes for the Downtown Community Centre.

Waitangi Day falls this year on a Sunday so while sadly there is no extra holiday, the good news is there is no disruption of deliveries

Gem Squash are now available . These small round green vegetables are not to be confused with round courgettes, Gems have a much harder skin which is plain dark green.

Gem Squash are much beloved by South Africans and if anyone would like a special order please advise urgently with an idea of the quantity in kilos.

Here are a few serving ideas gleaned over the years from South African lady clients.

Steam, boil, or microwave whole until soft (test with a skewer). Cut in half and scoop out the seeds.

Add salt, pepper and a knob of butter OR Fill with a mixture of butter, sugar and cream style sweet corn (quantities to taste). Sprinkle with grated cheese and grill in oven. OR Scoop out the flesh and mash with butter and sugar. OR Scoop out flesh and mash with butter, pepper and salt.

Very good for babies when mashed.


There are many varieties of onion differing in shape, size and colour. The onion family includes red, green, yellow, brown and and purple varieties, bunching onions, and spring onions, leeks and shallots.

The onion dates back to 3500 B.C. and while it may have been growing wild in every continent, it is believed to have originated in Asia.

The onion was worshipped by early Egyptians, eaten in large quantities by Greek athletes, and also became popular with the Roman culture.

Today onions are eaten regularly everywhere in the world and they are more than food, onions can help keep you healthy.

As a source of nutrients, they contain quercetin (a flavonoid, one category of antioxidant), vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre, calcium and iron. They are claimed to be helpful in preventing artheriosclerosis, Cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke & osteoporosis.

Onions are mainly used to add flavour to savoury dishes and salads but when a huge pile built up in the cupboard, recipes using large amounts were needed.

Mrs Mays Onion Tart

Line a square or round dish with flaky pastry and partially cook.


3 large onions cut up fine
3 large eggs unbeaten
½ cup cream (or milk)
Butter, pepper and salt

Sautee onions with butter, pepper and salt until translucent. Cool onions. Add eggs, cream (or milk) and a dessert spoon of chopped or grated butter.

Mix with a fork and spoon mixture into pastry case.

Bake in a slow oven (150-160 degrees) until cooked.

Serve with new potatoes and salad.

(Mrs May was the mother of my best friend at school so it was fun to ring Gwen who now lives in Hokitika, to get this recipe and of course have a long chat)

French Onion Soup

12 large onions,
1 tablespoon sugar,
3 tablespoons oil,
3 tablespoons butter
1.5 litres beef stock, salt and pepper to taste.
French stick and grated cheese

Peel onions, cut in half and slice thinly. Add sliced onions to soup pot with oil, butter and sugar and cook over moderate heat stirring frequently until onions turn golden brown. This should take about 15 minutes.

Add stock to the soup pot and simmer for a further 30 minutes. Add brandy, salt and pepper to taste.

Slice bread into rounds and grill with plenty of cheese on top then add a round to each bowl.

Organic Supplements

I have access to a high quality organic based range of supplements as well as a protein powder which includes all 9 essentail amino acids. If you would like more information on these products please let me know

Best wishes for health, wealth, and success in all your endeavours during 2011

All for now