Newsletter 100 – November 2012

Hi everyone,                                        25/11/2012

Welcome to all the new clients who have joined The Organic Connection in 2012 and grateful thanks to the loyal clients who have continued with us.
This edition of newsletter (No. 100) will cover holiday season deliveries, some healthy gift suggestions including wild flower seeds and some ideas about yacon.
And a little about my new business venture.

Holiday Deliveries:

Orders will be dispatched on Thursday for delivery Friday 28th December and the following week orders will be dispatched on Thursday for delivery on 4th January.
Please advise if you would like deliveries on either of these two dates or will be cancelling your deliveries over the holiday period.    We are also happy to redirect to holiday destinations.


This is an addition to the New Zealand vegetable scene and was available May through to September. Yacon is naturally sweet, juicy and crisp.  It is a fruit like root vegetable that looks like a kumara, has the texture of a nashi pear and a similar taste to an apple or sweet melon.  The yacon root, once known only in the highlands of Peru, is now thriving here in New Zealand.
Yacon is a natural source of dietary fibre and low in calories, both great for weight loss.   Yacon also boasts significant levels of antioxidants and potassium.
The natural sweetness of yacon comes from high levels of inulin, a type of sugar the body does not recognise or digest, so it is simply eliminated without having an impact on blood sugar levels.  Therefore, it is popular with diabetics.

How to Use:
Peel, slice and enjoy as a snack
Add chunks to fruit salad for a fresh crunch
Great in salads or slaws.   Grate or chop.
When using raw sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent browning.
Add to smoothies
Add to stir fries.  Or any curry recipe.   Simply add chopped yacon when sautéing the onions.
Dice and add to soups
Roast, bake or casserole.    Great roasted with potatoes, beetroot, and pumpkin.
Use to make healthy chips.

Christmas Gift Ideas:

Instead of flowers or chocolates have you considered sending a box of fruit and veges – a practical and healthy present for all the family.   A short message can be included on the label.

Gift Voucher:

Perhaps you would sooner send a gift voucher for a box of fruit and veges.   I have done this when I am unsure of whether the folk will be home or away, and whether they could have already planned their menu.   They can then order at a time to suit.

Bees Need our Help:

Last year I met a lady at the Snow Farm in Cardrona who is engaged in projects to ensure the bees of the world survive and prosper.    Her name is Maureen Maxwell and she is Regional President for the Oceania Commission of Apimondia (a Rome based international federation of beekeeping associations).  I spoke with her today and she has done a lot of travel round the world this year in the interests of bees.
More than 1/3 of what we eat and ¾ of the diversity relies on bee pollination and so do billions of $$$ in export earnings.
Bees all around the globe are being critically threatened by Varroa mites, pesticides, disease and loss of habitat.

So what can we as individuals do?
Establish a bee friendly plot in the garden.   Maureen still has available as a fund raiser for Help NZ Bees, a $5 packet of seeds called “Wild Flower Seed Rescue Remedy”.  These are available on line at
They are the perfect thing to include with a Christmas card to a special person.   Putting my order in now.

Downtown Community Centre fresh produce project

Thanks to everyone who has supported this project either by adding $5 to their payment or by donating their box to the cause rather than cancelling during absence.   Anyone who would like to take part in this please let me know.   I know it is much appreciated and adds some welcome fresh produce to the usual foodbank items.

In home skin analysis and facial service:

Would you like to know what is really going on with your skin?   I have recently imported a skin analysis machine and have started a business providing this service.   The products we use and offer are a top international prestige brand.   Anyone interested to know more about this please give me a call or an email.

Miss Molly and I will be home mainly during the holiday season
and if you are up this way we would love to see you.   Just give
me a call to make sure we will be home.

Best wishes for the festive season
Wishing you health, wealth and happiness in 2013

All for now